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BTC Miner

Who we are. Largest Bitcoin Mining Company BTC MINER

The story of Btc Miner  started at the end of 2013. Our founders got to know each other by using the same platform for buying and selling Bitcoins. They were fascinated by the technology and wanted to build their own farm, only to realize all their friends wanted to participate as well.

They came up with the idea of mining as a service and built the first mining farm in Eastern Europe. Since our founding, we have grown tremendously and a lot has happened, but one thing remains constant: We are all strong believers in the future of digital currencies and we love being part of this growing community.


We are BTC MINER  
Btc Miner  is a multicurrency mining pool created in 2013 by a group of blockchain enthusiasts. We provide the easiest mining software, reliable 24/7 support service and helpful community at your disposal.

Since the beginning, we have increased our cumulative hashing power thousand times and, in January 2018, MinerGate welcomed its 3,000,000th miner, and the community keeps growing.

However, our goal is the same — to make mining truly accessible to everyone regardless of investment size, technical background or experience in cryptocurrencies.

300,000+ active miners online
$20 millions paid to miners in 2017*
99% pool uptime backed by SLA
Enterprise-grade network and data protection.



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Peter Jie
My success story in Crypto Mining . supported from Btc Miner First, if you are reading this right now I would like to congratulate you. I was introduced to bitcoin this year by my son, he became a bitcoin millionaire at the age of 23 by only investing $900. I have seen about $345,000 profit in just 2 weeks since I started with the bitcoin mining investment Company called Btc Miner very user friendly
Michel P
Marketing Developer